Beginning Ahmeli

I spent the past several days contemplating what my first post would be about, then I realized that the elements of WordPress were not functioning as I had envisioned. As a result, my first post is simply explaining my blog (aside from what is already on the “About Ahmeli” page). And here we go…

The image of a lone tree has always been one of my favorite images. There’s something about a tree standing there, alone, full of strength, that stirs up emotions within me. The tree is alone, which may lead one to view it as weak and unable to weather possible upcoming storms. Yet I see it as a strong tree. A tree that was in the open and yet remained firmly rooted as storms rolled in and out.

When I think of life, I envision this tree. Life is complex – full of joys and hardships. Things we understand and other elements that we spend our whole life trying to make sense of. To me, this tree is complex. Yes, there are many aspects of the tree that can be scientifically explained, but there are also unknowns that one may seek to explore.

Throughout this blogging journey, I plan on categorizing my posts into the labels: roots, trunk, branches, leaves and fruit. Each part of the tree targets a specific area of life, in which I would like to openly and honestly blog about.

Roots – Family Fundamentals: Interactions within the family and developing values

Trunk – Evolving Environment: Being transparent about events throughout the world

Branches – Cultural Café: Engaging with individuals from around the world and within our own community

Leaves – Lasting Legacies: Dynamic individuals with interesting stories

Fruit – Relative Resources: Links and titles to expand discussions

My love for writing takes on many styles; perhaps I’m still trying to discover my niche. With that being said, I anticipate that you will see a variety throughout the posts from long rants in essay form, to poetry, to short quotes, to…well, who knows!?!

My primary focus is to celebrate my love for writing while inspiring constructive dialogue through the posts as I share ahmeli (my hope) from that day. I look forward to learning from you as we explore life through the view of another.


Ahmeli… that we can strengthen tomorrow by exploring today.


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